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HD and HDR Photos

Professionals and Owners can take advantage of hiring a professional photographer specializing in Real Estate.

The advantage is that the photos will trigger emotion and will make the buyer or the tenant want to contact you.

The figures prove it :

  • Average time spent on an ad: 60% on photos and 20% on the property’s characteristics.
  • 95% of people only look at the first photo and decide whether or not to learn more.
  • In 20 seconds, a buyer has a crush or not by looking at the first photo of an ad.

The mission of the real estate photographer involves the following steps :

  • Plan the shooting at the desired time to obtain the best ambient light (exposure, time, season)
  • Find the optimal framing to show all the characteristics of the room and property
  • Use a combination of different exposures for details in the shadows and highlights
  • Compensate for the differences in light temperature (indoor, artificial and outdoor sun)
  • Develop prints to obtain a quality image (brightness, contrast, white balance, colors, …)

The shooting, the photo development, the room layout and the storage can make all the difference.

Sublimate, diffuse and sell.

Photos retouched

Villa Manduel | FranceVilla Manduel | France

Some shooting



Panoramic 360

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How do we proceed ?


We define your place and establish a quote without suprises according to the accomodation, photos (aerial, panoramic, ...) and surface.


After validation of the quote, we intervene on the day and at the agreed time.
It takes from one to several hours according to the type of photos and surface area.

Post Production

We process the captured images in order to produce a series of photos according to your choice.


Photos are available within 48h to72 hours. It can be viewed on all devices and ready to be integrated on your website and social links.

Would you like a personalized quote ?

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